When and Where is the Next World Cup of Soccer Being Held?

42The World Cup of Soccer is one of the world’s most watched events. Fans from around the world look forward to this exciting sporting event. The next FIFA World Cup of Soccer games will be held in South Africa between 11 June and 11 July 2010. This event is the nineteenth World Cup of Soccer, and the first to be held in Africa. The first World Cup of Soccer was held in Uruguay in 1930. The first time the World Cup was played outside Europe or the Americas was Korea/Japan in 2002.

More than two hundred teams began competing in August 2007 for entry into the finals in South Africa. The number of countries involved in the World Cup is comparable with those competing in the 2008 Olympics. There will be thirty-one teams vying for the Cup in South Africa in 2010. The only team guaranteed play at the finals is the host country team, South Africa. Italy will be defending champions at this tournament. It is expected that more than a billion viewers will watch the games worldwide.

Only seven countries have ever held the Cup since its inception. Brazil has been champion five times, Italy four, Federal Republic of Germany three, Argentina and Uruguay twice each, and England and France once. The world of soccer is split into six geographic areas with each allocated a certain number of places at the finals. The areas are: Africa, with fifty-three teams vying for 5 places; Asia, forty-three teams for 4.5 places; Europe, fifty-three teams for thirteen places; North, Central America and Caribbean, thirty-five teams for 3.5 places; Oceania, ten teams for .5 places; South America, ten teams for 4.5 places.

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10 Characteristics of an Effective Soccer Coach

41An effective soccer coach must not only have an in-depth knowledge in everything about soccer. He must also possess special characteristics that will help him become a great coach and produce a winning soccer team. A successful soccer team does not just rely on the physical and technical requirements, but usually more than those. The soccer coach must develop skills to fulfill them.

Here are 10 typical features that every soccer coaches must have.

1. Good Role Model

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Women’s Soccer Scholarships – Everything You Need To Know

40We all know that college is an institution which can prove to be quite costly for everyone. Women’s soccer scholarships can help girls get admission in a great college without spending a lot of money.

Most of the students who are looking to get admission in the college need to ensure that they use the soccer skills they have. By becoming a football participant you’ll be able to generate some fine results. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about women’s soccer scholarships.

Time Frame
You need to ensure that you keep the time frame in mind. Every year a large number of girls compete hard to get the soccer scholarship offered by the colleges and so you need to apply for one rapidly. Start playing for scholarship so that you don’t end up on the losing side. You should start working hard seriously so that you can generate some fine results. Once you start showing some promise, the college will contact you and ask you to take admission right away.

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7-Day Meal Plan For Professional Soccer Players

39We all know that playing professional soccer requires a big commitment for both physical training and mentally. However, the same is to be said for a food commitment and eating well. How you eat will depend on your performance both on and off of the soccer field; plus before and after the match.

Below are some specialized soccer meals for a week. For professional soccer players.


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The Origin of Soccer

38Although it may be impossible to accurately state when and where the game of soccer originated, history has shown us glimpses of a game similar to our present day version being played for over 3000 years.

Around the 2nd or 3rd Century BC, it was documented that the Chinese military during the Han Dynasty played a game involving kicking a ball into a small net.

A game similar to soccer was played by the ancient Greeks and Romans but their game could include up to 27 players on a side compared to the modern day game of 11 players to a side.

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